Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soda Mountain

June 2010
Hiking Length: 4.6 Round Trip
Elevation Gain: 800ft

This is a great hike close to Ashland. Take HWY 66 east past mile marker 15. Take the right at the "Soda Mountain Wilderness" sign and follow the dirt road uphill until you reach a field with power lines. PCT Trailhead markers are on both sides of the road. To the right the trail takes you to Soda Mountain and the left takes you to Hobart Bluff.

To get to Soda Mountain follow the PCT on the right side of the road. Take the first switchback that goes left off the PCT. Follow that trail uphill until you reach a dirt road. Take a right on the road and follow it up to the fire lookout at the top.

To Hobart Bluff take the PCT left from the road. After a mile there is a side trail on the left of the PCT. Follow it and it goes .5 miles to the bluff.

I love these hikes, especially in early summer when all the flowers are in bloom. The views are amazing and since it's so close I usually hike it a few times each year :)


View from along the trail

Pilot Rock

View of Mt. McLoughlin

California and Shasta from Soda Mountain

Sunday, March 6, 2011

fresh snow!

I recently went snowshoeing east of Salem. Thankfully it had snowed the day before and there was fresh powder. A few days earlier Andrew and I tried to snowshoe but there wasn't enough snow and we ended up walking the trail instead. We still had fun!

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