Friday, July 27, 2012

The Apartment Unfurnished

Walking through the front door one encounters a hallway with a 90 deg turn...

The windows in the living room give great light! (bathroom to the right, bedroom to the left, kitchen far right)

Full bathroom (shower to the right)

Nice bedroom

With a HUGE closet! 

Kitchen with lots of cabinets. There is so much storage in the apartment! There is a walk-in and a linen closet in the hallway. Yes, the kitchen is from the 80's but the appliances are only a year old.

Looking out the kitchen window

Looking out the living room windows. It's a great view facing west! 

I'll post more pictures when we've unpacked everything, hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll have it feeling more like home :) 

Fourmile Lake

During the first week of July Andrew and I took a fishing/tanning trip to the lake. He wanted to fish and I desperately needed a tan for our wedding the next weekend. So we loaded up the pups and had a great day!

Jack posed for a picture infront of Mt. McLoughlin.  

Andrew hooked a monster! The fishermen going past in their boats would ask how the fishing was going for Andrew and they complained about how they were just catching little guys. Jack wanted to help reel in the fish. 

Jack got as close as he could to the fish trying to sniff it. 

As Andrew was releasing the fishy Jack actually got a few licks in. He had a sad look on his face as his dinner swam away...

While Jack was being ridiculous and continuously licking his chops/sniffing, Sheppie had nested above and looked annoyed. :)