Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Rules

I've been asked by many people what "Rule 2" means or about the Rules in general. So I'm providing an explanation. 

The Rulebook illustrations were drawn by Andrew as a surprise, and they were true events, which made it awesome.

Rule 0: No Lying
This rule came about sometime after we started creating rules but we found it so important that we decided to create a Rule 0 to precede the others.


Rule 1: No Dying
Andrew and I were on our first backpacking trip together in Northern California (it was his birthday weekend). He and I were going fly fishing on the other side of the lake and we had to cross a boulder field to get there. Being the boy he is, he jumped from a large boulder to another. I told him he wasn't allowed to die, that was rule number 1.

Rule 2: Live Adventurously
Continuing from the previous rule: Andrew then replied that rule 2 was live adventurously and jumped to another boulder.

Rule 3: No Getting Caught in the Bushes
Continuing from Rules 1 & 2: Andrew was teaching me how to fly fish when his cast landed his fly in the bushes behind us. He informed me as he untangled his fly and line that rule 3 was no getting caught in the bushes.

Rule 4: No Falling In
A couple weeks after the first backpacking trip we went again for my birthday. The weather was completely opposite along with the location. Instead of sunny, (mostly) warm California we were in cold, snowy Oregon off Hwy 140. We had to cross an icy-cold stream (there were a few inches of snow, at one point we were hiking in snow up to our knees) and I'm not the best when it comes to walking on slippery rocks and trees. Therefore, no falling in was made a rule.

Rule 5: No Blaming
I don't exactly remember how this one came to be a rule but we were dating by then. It might have had something to do with talking on the phone since our relationship was long-distance for the first year.

Rule 6: Sleep Only When Allowed
One night as we were talking on the phone Andrew fell asleep. I wasn't upset but he felt bad the next day so he created the sleep only when allowed rule.

Rule 7: No Broken Promises
This was created when he promised to call me one day and either got too busy or fell asleep or forgot, I don't remember which. But I forgave him. (He also promised that his little red car was great in the snow... yeah, right.)

*Most rules are meant to be broken
Andrew was very adamant that this was added to the Rules. So far, most of the rules have been broken but we aren't keeping track :)


  1. you should hash tag this - top blog posts! Because seriously, it is. Love you guys.

  2. That's adorable, haha. I have always wondered about the rules!