Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pyramid Lake and Tahoe

Last Wednesday Andrew met some of the crew from Baranof at Pyramid Lake to fish for trout. He saw beautiful sunsets and really enjoyed his trip.

On Friday he met me, and eight other couples from our small group at church, in Tahoe. We had a wonderful weekend hanging out in the beautiful outdoors.

On Saturday, Patrick, Helen, Andrew and I hit the slopes. It was my first time skiing and I had so much fun after I got the hang of it. 

Helen and I on the slopes

Andrew wanted to get on video part of my third run down the mountain 
(this is right after the bunny hill)

Andrew, Patrick and I

View of the Lodge and surrounding mountains

At a view point with Lake Tahoe in the background

Patrick and Helen!

Laura, this picture is for you. The cabin had a huge plasma cut sign (I made Andrew stand next to it for reference) . The colors are from oxidation. 

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