Monday, August 13, 2012

The Apartment

Walking in the front door

Turning the corner into the apartment. The bedroom is the door on the left.

Excuse our mess, we currently don't have a side table or dressers.

We have an awesome closet. 

The bathroom

Living room. The windows are awesome - they let in so much light!

The guestbook took so much work to make but I think it turned out well :)

My desk with the kitchen and dinning room through the doorway.

 Andrew's "Man Corner"

Living room. New carpet and paint!!! I am so glad they replaced the carpet right before we moved in.

 Andrew is making lunch in the kitchen. The owner loves the orange counter tops and hasn't changed them in the entire building. Thankfully the appliances are only a year old not a couple decades.

Our dinning room. 

We really like our view. When the weather is good we can see the sunset. Most days it's foggy or cloudy with a couple of hours of sunshine in the afternoon. Because we're on the west side of the city in Inner Richmond we get a lot of the fog. We can walk three blocks east and be in sunshine. So we take that walk frequently :) 


  1. Its a great little apartment sweetie...this is your Aunt Shannon btw...blessings

  2. Your apartment is beautiful! I am so happy for you two!!

  3. Cute :) I am glad our chair is in your living room and I love the ottoman with it! Miss you tons!