Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More SF Adventures

We're getting to know and like the city of San Francisco. It's quite different than life in Oregon but we're adjusting well. We are in a great neighborhood with Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Safeway, and organic produce markets all within walking distance. If we walk north about 5 blocks we're in the Marina neighborhood which has streets lined with boutiques and restaurants. Andrew says the Marina is our neighborhood because it's so close but I think that's a stretch. It's a very nice neighborhood and I don't think we could afford to live there (Since originally writing this post we found a house for sale in the Marina neighborhood. It's an average house on an average street. It's listed at $14 million. HOLY COW!). The street our apartment is located on is the dividing line of three neighborhoods: Richmond, the Marina, and Haight Ashbury. We're blessed to be so close to great restaurants, great shops, and the hip younger neighborhood we haven't explored yet. 

Andrew has turned into quite the urban gardener. Our windows couldn't be more perfect for growing plants and they are flourishing. Andrew has taken to watering them with a teapot since we don't have a watering can. It works great! 

We have spent our free time seeing more of the sites. We drove down Lombard St. "The Crookedest Street" and I felt ridiculously like a tourist. 

Then we drove past the Painted Ladies, Victorian houses that were built in the 1800's. 

We also went to the beach! It was windy, about 50 degrees, and foggy. Except for the last few days of sunshine, the weather here sucks. I like sunshine and usually we only get an hour or two in the late afternoon and even then it's not warm. It's always foggy. It doesn't rain here, it mists. And it's always windy. When we were walking home from church yesterday Andrew commented on how hot it was. It was sunny and a very nice day. I checked my phone and it said 63 degrees. We've definitely adjusted to the weather. The rest of this week it's supposed to be close to 70 degrees. It's going to be a scorcher! :) I might actually get to wear a t-shirt!

Stepping off my soap box about the horrible weather, we also took a walk through Golden Gate Park.

We went to the rose garden and Stow Lake. We saw numerous doggies and wanted to take them home with us. It's weird not having any pets; we miss Jack and Shep like crazy. I'm close to becoming the crazy lady that wants to pet your dog when you take it on a walk. Andrew has joked about offering someone a dollar to be able to pet their dog- I don't think he was joking. It's that bad. But we'll survive, we go to the park and the waterfront to watch the dogs. 

Speaking of the waterfront, this past week the America's Cup World Series races were in SF. The ACWS is like the pre-season races for the America's Cup (the most prestigious sailing race, hopefully you've heard of it), the races take place in multiple locations around the world. Team Oracle USA won the SF World Series races! They are also the defending team of the 2010 America's Cup so it was great to see them win. Next September the America's Cup takes place here in SF, I'm so excited! It was amazing to see so many sailboats and yachts out this week in the bay!


  1. Totally feel your pain about the animals :) We are pretty sadly desperate too-that idea of paying a dollar is tempting!

  2. Awww, bummer y'all can't have a doggie, love the flowers in your window!