Monday, September 3, 2012

SF Aquarium (and a nightstand!)

 On Saturday we had the pleasure of seeing the Carpenters and going to Pier 39 and the San Francisco Aquarium with them.

Photo Credit: Tamara
Kaden had fun, I promise :) He had so much energy; he loved chasing the birds on the pier.

Photo Credit: Tamara
We had a great time hanging out with the cousins!

So many huge fish! And of course the trip to the Pier wasn't complete without a clam chowder bread-bowl for dinner!

Annnd we have a nightstand now!!! Tamara, my very talented cousin, refurbishes furniture and I scored this piece from her! I absolutely love it! It's super cute and perfect. Up until Saturday evening I had been using a cardboard box as a nightstand and it was beginning to break.We still need dressers but we're one step closer to a furnished bedroom!


  1. It looks great in there!-tam

  2. Love that look on Kaden's face! Looks like all the cousins had fun, and that night stand is FABULOUS