Friday, May 25, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.  The best surprise ever would be,   a vacation to a warm beach    .

2.   Spending time at the Gates house with Andrew and Jack   is my most favorite memory .

3.  The hardest, but most worthwhile thing I've ever done was     have a long-distance no-communication relationship with Andrew while he was in Alaska for 6 months  .

4.  The best part of my day is    the evening when Andrew gets home from work and I can stop studying :) .

5. Something I like that most people don't is      a mix of mustard and mayo on cooked ham .

6. Something I am willing to fight for is     my family and faith  .

7.  Something you might not know about me is    I love art and photography. I'm not that great at creating it though  .

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