Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here fishy fishy fishy...

Andrew and I headed over to the Klamath River to enjoy a day of fishing. I had never fly fished before so Andrew had to teach me a few things but we had fun. Sheppie didn't have as much fun as we did. 

She got scared near the top of the cliff and wouldn't climb down the boulders. Andrew went back up and tried to coax her down. 

After a while he finally just picked her up and carried her down. The rest of the day as we moved downstream we had to coax and carry her over rocks. 

Shep was so stressed when Andrew put her down next to the river that she started swimming in circles.  

Sheppie was very content laying on a large rock. 

Salmon and Stone Flies were hatching everywhere. Here is a salmon fly Andrew tied and the real insect on a rock.

Shep liked to nest in the grass. Andrew liked to fish in the middle of the river. 

On Andrew's last cast he caught a large trout. Sadly, he had traded fly rods with me and was using the 4 weight. The fishy broke the line when it darted downstream and disappeared :( 

Near the end of the day I finally caught a fish!!! They had been biting all day but I couldn't set the hook for some reason. I was getting really frustrated. 

Shep was weird (surprise, surprise) and sat in the river watching us. She looked miserable the entire time but I like to think she had a little bit of fun :)

After a day of fishing and having to climb back up the cliff to the car in Andrew's waders and boots. Try climbing up loose rock and dirt in clown shoes.... it's not very fun or easy. 

It was a well spent day on the river! I caught my first fish on a fly rod, but I do need some more practice. It helps when your teacher is a professional fishing guide :) 

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