Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road Trips

On Friday it was decided to take a quick trip to SF on Monday and Tuesday. Andrew was able to get acquainted with his campus. It's full of beautiful architecture and seems like a great place. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

We were blessed with beautiful blue skies and sunshine with a nice breeze.

As we drove around San Francisco getting to know the neighborhoods, Andrew had a map and was crossing out neighborhoods we weren't fond of. They were all livable, but we can afford to be picky at the moment and we would love to live in a neighborhood that has the SF feel. Hills, old victorian buildings, preferably close to Golden Gate Park.   

We had lunch at a cute little Italian restaurant Pasquale's Pizzeria, in Inner Sunset. I got a meatball sandwich, Andrew got a chicken parmesan sandwich. They were SO GOOD! I know where to go if I'm ever in the mood for a meatball sub :)

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